Risk Disclosure

ICA MAP Risk Disclosure Statement
ICA Managed Accounts Program (ICA MAP) is speculative and therefore involves significant trading risks. The trading program is not intended to be the perfect investment program. It is designed only for investors who have adequate means of providing for their needs and contingencies without relying on distributions or withdrawals from their accounts, and as a consequence being financially able to maintain their investments and afford the potential loss of their entire investments.

ICA cannot guarantee the performance of the risk management software. Furthermore, ICA, its director, employees and associated persons, will not be held liable for any monetary losses. The investor assume all responsibility. It is possible to lose more money than what is currently in your account. In such instances, you will be contacted by the broker to deposit more money to maintain your position in the market.

Past performance of ICA MAP is not necessarily indicative of future results. Therefore, no assurance can be given that ICA MAP will achieve its investment objectives or that an investor will realize a profit.

Before making an investment, prospective investors should carefully consider the potential risks involved and take steps to understand the investment strategies employed by ICA MAP. Investors are encouraged to consult their own legal, financial and tax advisers to evaluate these risks before deciding whether to invest in the trading programs.

Client’s accounts funded at a low investment level may be more vulnerable to the rapid onset of potential losses as the result of a forced liquidation of open positions due to a margin call. Therefore, such an account will need to be traded more cautiously than another one funded at a higher level. Consequently, smaller accounts may not allow for the most efficient and effective implementation of the trading programs, which may diminish their performance. Furthermore, at lower investment levels, ICA MAP may not be able to diversify a client’s investment and fully optimize it. Hence, the possible increase of potential losses on the small sized accounts.

Before investing in the ICA Managed Accounts Program (ICA MAP), it is recommended that the prospective investor reads and understands both the Disclosure Document and Risk Disclosure Statements and carefully considers the risks outlined therein.


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