General FAQ's

No, we don’t. All the accounts will be under the investor’s name who has the only access to withdrawals and deposits.

We have developed our own pattern, a combination of micro and macro patterns which is a mixture of Gann theory, Eliot Waves, the Dow theory & probability distribution.

No. This cannot happen because of conflict, and you will not get a pure result.

This will depend on the setup, if your broker is willing to give us the same quality of excellence we have. In other words, if our broker partner & your broker both have the same low costs, good execution, deep liquidity, the technology we apply (PAMM or MAM), and the regulations and safety, so why not. If not, then the costs will eat up from your profits and you won’t have the same performance.

Yes. Our institutional department will provide you further information regarding this program. 

It is around 25%. However, the maximum drawdown is determined by you. You will need to inform us the drawdown you can tolerate and we customize the portfolio based on your risk profile.

We cannot assure any maximum loss that can happen in an account. It is set by you on your risk tolerance.

>5 Million is charged 20% PF
<5 Million is charged 25% PF
<1 Million is charged 30% PF
<100,000 is charged 35% PF
Performance fee is based on high watermark.
(The high-water mark states that the fund manager first has to recover losses before he can charge a performance fee on new profits.)
Should there be no profits made for some reason, then we do not charge at all.

For the managed accounts, we execute the trade on your account and you do not have authority to make any trade transaction. But for the trade signal, we give you the trading idea and you execute it yourself or through a software or a trade copier software. 

We have many regulations umbrella in Switzerland, UK, USA, Singapore and Cyprus. Therefore, the service will be provided under one of our partnered sister companies.

Sure. We can send you proven track records, with audit reports & certificates. Moreover, we will give you a free login account to monitor one of our own live trading in real time mode.

Our trading strategy is a combination of sophisticated risk & trade management models with high probability market patterns. 
We apply Swing trading targeting 10 to 50 pips on 15min and 4hrs charts.

An average monthly return around 6%.

Yes. You can get access to one of our real live trading accounts and view all our transactions.

Usually, it is a 100K. But we can make exceptions on a case by case. Moreover, should you need to test with us, you may start with a 10k.

We have several brokers but we mainly work with ATC broker. They are FCA regulated by the UK and the advantages of FCA regulations is that investors funds are 100% segregated.

Our trading is safe compared to other money managers. We have market & operational risk models. However, you should know that it is a risky business and there is a certain level of risk that you will take. 

The main advantage of FX is that good profits can be made in an up & down market, at such times.

We don’t charge subscription fees, redemption fees, and any upfront fees. We only charge a performance fee (incentive fee) on the profits we achieve for you.

We don’t accept clients from Iran, Somalia, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Syria, North Korea nor any other countries where the offer of our products are prohibited or restricted by law. You must satisfy yourself that dealing with our products is permitted under the laws of the country that you reside in.  As for the US, Canada and Japan, we only offer analysis subscription. 

Yes, instantly and quickly. The money is under your name and you can pick it up at any time.

There are several steps that you will need to do.

  • Read carefully the Risk Disclosure Documents & Terms.
  • Fill the Application Form with a copy of your ID.
  • Get the Application approved by our Compliance.
  • Open a Personal Account with one of our licensed brokers.
  • Sign the management agreement.

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